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Unfrag is not maintained anymore and has likely no good reason to exist since ioq3 enhanced the code and since players seem fine with it.

What's unfrag

uNFRaG aims at providing the legacy mouse feeling using ioquake3 engine. After the SDL patch (revision 1161 of ioquake3), lots of players haven't found the same feeling with the mouse as before. Many patches later (and almost one year) the problem still exists, so our solution is to provide an engine with the old mouse code.

We've taken the latest revision of ioq3 without SDL input and applied each patch that's not directly related to SDL input. This isn't the best solution, but it works!

uNFRaG is what we can called a “friendly fork” of ioquake3. We don't want to replace it, we only provide a solution for a given problem. Ioq3 guys are doing a great work!

Of course, uNFRaG is distributed under the same terms of ioq3, the GNU GPL version 2.

The Genesis

The uNFRaG first patch (unfrag-00001.diff) has been made by hand after doing those simple tasks:

  • Check out ioquake3 revision 1160 :
svn co svn://svn.icculus.org/quake3/trunk ioquake3-svn-1160 -r1160

What you can do

You can test uNFRaG to see if it fits your need. You can download binaries from tuxfamily.org repository.

Actualy, we've released the 0.2 version which is “ioquake3 synced” with revision 1472.

There are several versions of uNFRaG:

  • 32 or 64 bits
  • protocol 68 or 70

Choose the right version for you, and play!

<note warning> We are GNU/Linux users! We don't use MS/Windows so uNFRaG code doesn't have been tested. We build binaries with a cross-compiler that's why we don't know if it's really working… </note>

Changes between ioq3 and unfrag

Common files are:

  • AL
  • botlib
  • cgame
  • game (only some minor change in log)
  • jpeg-6b
  • libcurl
  • libspeex

Directories with changes:

  • “client”:
    • Key_SetCatcher vs cls.keyCatchers
    • curl library loading
    • console key, cl_platformSensitivity
  • libs
    • binary stuff
  • null
    • IN_Restart don't exists in unfrag
  • q3_ui
    • credits
    • video config
  • tools
    • LongSwap
  • server
    • AUTH server
  • qcommon
    • lots of things
  • renderer
    • qgl.h

External ressources

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