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Welcome on this website dedicated to OpenArena. We will try to keep you informed about what we do here, in a language most people can understand ^_^. Please bear with our poor level in english, in worse case this is a wiki so you can correct us ;-) We write french for our own convenience, and to give documentation for guys who find english is exhausting. Truth is even in french we're exhausting :-P We will try to translate meaningful articles into english, or ideally in any language but let's not dream too much ;-)

  1. So, our first step will be : we will keep you informed about what we produce in our News forum. Have an eye on it, and bet it's full of nothing at the moment ;-)
  2. The second step is : we can add some “en” categories in our wiki to show some pages have been translated. The thing is, we're not meant to produce some english documentation here, as the official wiki is already made for that. This is why mainly if not only, Projects section will be translated. This leads us to …
  3. …Our third step (or no matter the order in fact) would be to reproduce in english the few meaningful things we made on OpenArena's official website.

We don't want to be a closed community, what we do here is meant to be SHARED, our material isn't under a 2-clause BSD license for nothing.

Wishing you a good visit.

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