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#1 30/11/2014 01:46:19

Passionné(e) d'ArèneOuverte
Inscription : 30/11/2014
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ROFL AllRockets


can you please check and maybe restart the ROFL AllRockets server? It's currently laggy as hell and nearly unplayable not only for me but also all other players I asked.


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#2 30/11/2014 02:52:19

Passionné(e) d'ArèneOuverte
Lieu : Lille
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Re : ROFL AllRockets


I restarted the server, in case it helps.
But I tried to join, I was alone on the server (it's late) and I didn't experience big lag.

Someone emailed me about some lag issue not long ago.
There is no particular reason for this lag to happen.
Some explanation could be some DoS attack, but since I unfortunately don't monitor network traffic I have no way to verify this.

Move your ass.

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