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#1 14/10/2008 23:32:45

Passionné(e) d'ArèneOuverte
Inscription : 13/10/2008
Messages : 2

problem with server 0x2b

looks like some player cant join the server, since new pk3 have been loaded.
i wish you can resolve the problem cause this was a really good server i tink!
tanks a lot


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#2 15/10/2008 08:22:45

Passionné(e) d'ArèneOuverte
Inscription : 15/07/2008
Messages : 94

Re : problem with server 0x2b

Thanks for your input
Be sure to have "autodownload" activated in order to fetch the paks (you may rename/remove old one to be sure to download the latest one). Please note that when you first download the pak, you may need to reconnect to join the server (i got "Server is for low pings only" error message, but after reconnecting all went well).
I checked the server also and removed the "pure" flag (which could cause troubles although i managed to join it with this flag on).
Everything should go well but don't hesitate to report any problem.


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