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#1 02/01/2009 19:53:16

Passionné(e) d'ArèneOuverte
Inscription : 13/10/2008
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tencnical help

you have more experience with openarena servers, so i would like to ask to you how to make up an unlagged server.

the server i made doesn't look good when firing with lightening.

is there any kind of mod to download or install to make a server "unlagged" ?

very kind for your help!

Bon 2009 à tous !

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#2 03/01/2009 01:41:40

Passionné(e) d'ArèneOuverte
Lieu : Lille
Inscription : 14/07/2008
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Re : tencnical help

Thanks, have a happy new year too, felice anno nuovo !

Normally there is only "cg_delaghitscan 1" that has to be set.

However, I notice there is much difference when I'm playing on a good or bad connection, even if it is unlagged (I play at two places).
Moreover, I noticed maybe I hadn't unlagged active client-side while playing xbattle mod (/players normally tells if people are unlagged).
So it seems enabling unlagged doesn't solve everything ...

I'll post again if I have more infos wink but maybe you can have a look on the official board and ask.

Move your ass.

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#3 03/01/2009 13:16:27

Passionné(e) d'ArèneOuverte
Inscription : 15/07/2008
Messages : 188

Re : tencnical help

In your server conf file you can use:

seta g_lightningDamage  "6"

this will reduce the damage of lightning gun (default is 8).

Client side you can tweak the display of your lightning gun with:

set cg_trueLightning "0.5"

the value 0 is the « server value » (your display is sync with the server), the value 1 is the « client value » (your display is sync with your mouse), personnaly I use 0.5 which gives me a good feeling.


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#4 09/01/2009 10:56:22

Passionné(e) d'ArèneOuverte
Inscription : 15/07/2008
Messages : 94

Re : tencnical help

On the server-side, if you want a well-known working Unlagged mod working, you may also use the qvm we made for the 0x2B server.
Just create a directory next to baseoa named as you want and put the zzz-unfrag00.pk3 file which was downloaded when you connected to the server.
Then add "+set fs_game <name_you_choose>" to the server command line options and it should then be available. Be sure to use "seta g_delagHitscan 1" in your server config file and all should then work.


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