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Presentation of ROFL servers

ROFL stands for “Réseau OpenArena Francophone Libre”, or something else, we never really decided. ;-) ROFL was first created as a mean to make the servers configuration more uniform, with the help of setup recommandations, common scripts, and eventually more. That didn't really happen, since each administrator had its own practices, and also because servers are ever-evolving (just like availability of machines, our experience with the openarena software, etc). Finally, the better was to provide as much documentation as we could, and leave people do what they want :D This is very fine that way. Today, we came closer to that uniformisation effort, mostly due to the fact ROFL is mainly one active administrator, I'll leave you guess who. However, I am not the one who owns the machines: some servers are rented by generous former administrators, some belong to a free software association (Tuxfamily), while always trying to follow the principle of “let's use spare ressources instead of wasting it”.

Machines of the network

ROFL servers attempts to be complementary to each other, also taking into account other servers in place, and players preferences, so, we're open to suggestions, while being hard to negotiate :P

We use these scripts and configuration files to help with setting up servers.

Machine 1:

This one is our most recent one (february 2012), and is hosted by OVH.

  • Instagib
  • Allrockets
  • CTF 4 Fishes

Machine 2:

That one is a recent one too (2012), and is hosted by OVH. This server is the one on which we try to put collective administration in place.

  • Merzbuddha
  • S.P.K.

Machine 3:

This one is the one which has been historically hosting Instagib!/Allrockets! servers for some long time. But it doesn't do anymore. It is hosted by OVH.

  • Henridesmatch (insta DM)
  • undetermined yet (normal DM ?)
  • Everyrocket (just like allrockets !, exact same config)

Machine 4:

This is Tuxfamily's game server. It has been hosting a deathmatch server, now it is geared towards beginner players and hosts a CTF server.

  • For beginner players, some CTF server with g_catchup 5
  • … maybe some DM server for beginners too ?
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