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Welcome on this french OpenArena community website ! Little tour …

Birth of this website

Since summer of 2007, OpenArena had some success with its 0.7.1 version. English community then met around the official website. Some other initiatives like Rainbow Networks have also been very active (well administrated servers, creating resources and events…).

French-side, some websites also arose. From helping boards to teams websites, each of them seek at being implied by writing documentation, administrating servers, or also by creating resources. It was time for the french scene to assume itself, to help in brining OpenArena to our native language audience, and so to discuss about a common website in which we could group our efforts. TuxFamily.org already hosting some material for the game, and generously providing means to free software projects, it was naturally that we directed towards this association for our hosting service. Around mid-july 2008, OpenArena FR was born.


OpenArena isn't only a game, it's a free software around which a community evolves. We provide this living place to regroup the french scene ;-). OpenArena isn't a finished product, it evolves, and the fact its code is available under GPL license allows us to contribute at any level : from simple documentation to engine modification, like contributing sounds and graphics, setting up servers… You'll have got it, this website is a platform to create and coordinate these resources, with the advantage to do that in our mother tongue (or not :P).

You will notice Documentation category on the right menu. Furthermore, our activities will be listed and introduced in Projects section. The result of these projects will be available in Our Creations. Of course, all this is made according to free software spirit. Some articles in Projects explain our choices and how we manage this website.

Contact us

Join us on our forum ! Its french section Gestions is here to discuss publicly anything which concerns our website. English people may rather use the english subforum for any purpose.

Even if not the preferred solution, you can contact us individually :

Persons who have FTP, SSH keys...

  • Cacatoes (I'm okay with english, Immm a roxxor true elite english zspeakaaer)
  • Cedonime (Use voice synthesis in Guadeloupean language if you plan to discuss with him)
  • Mathieu (He can speak in fluctuating fluent English if you send him photos of ducks)

Persons who have administration rights on wiki and forum

  • Dan (He can use reverb and echo delay while speaking english but has limited buffering)

Host provider

Our website is generously hosted by Tuxfamily. ;-) This website isn't accessible ? Maybe we fucked it up, otherwise check tuxfamily.info to see if it comes from them.


You can have an eye on our webstie stats separately for our web space, and for our download space.

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