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07/03/2016 00:07:28


Serveurs revenus, quand j' aurai deux minutes je mettrai les custom votes wink

30/01/2016 22:22:31


Ce serveur n'apparaît plus dans la liste :
Existe-t-il toujours ?

Ca serait cool de pouvoir refaire une partie !

24/11/2014 22:19:50


Le serveur est planté "Message awaiting snapshot".
Apparemment, ca commence par la rotation des maps qui ne fonctionne plus puis quelques jours après le serveur se plante.
Ca serait sympa de mettre en place le custom vote pour que les joueurs puissent empêcher ce phénomène (post de Cacatoes).

Merci pour votre aide.

24/11/2014 11:28:38

Hi / Salut,

Message to Cedonime:

Il est très simple de permettre aux joueurs de résoudre la situation "La rotation des maps ne fonctionne plus".

Il suffit d'ajouter le 3ème bloc indiqué dans ce post dans les Custom Votes.

A priori, le fichier qui définit les votes (si on ne spécifie pas un chemin soi-même dans la config) s'appelle votecustom.cfg
Voir: … ise_custom

21/11/2014 00:37:15

The map rotation not works now.

03/11/2014 18:02:20

Oui ça fonctionne, pourvu que ça dure !
C'est vrai que des statistiques sur les joueurs (parties gagnées, nombre de frags...) ça serait génial (un peu comme ici:)

Avec en plus une interface sexy à la gametracker !
Bon je retourne me défouler !

03/11/2014 17:37:42

Less sexy but more infos: … 54.6:27961

I don't like gametracker because it is proprietary software. It has an advantage, which is it keeps track of statistics, historic of players, etc, but these informations could as well be collected with a tool inside the game server itself.

03/11/2014 02:04:07

The map rotation works now.Apparently the server administrator has repaired its server.
Server info: … 4.6:27961/

01/11/2014 21:19:13


I have no idea how the server was fixed, I wasn't told about someone fixing it.

About map rotation, there is some administration work to do, in order to help and make it smooth.
On the servers I administrate, there is a way to fix broken map rotation by calling a vote (Custom Vote).
This option, though, is not available on ROFL Insta DM, and I fear current admin is busy/elsewhere, so I fear you'll have to bear with it.

About ROFL SPK server, it is collectively administrated, that means *you* can set it up to insta-rail if you want to.
Check this page for more info about it: … nistration

31/10/2014 19:40:16

Hi Cacatoes!

Yesterday it was working and was great fun playing, eventhough there is just ONE (great) map and no voting!
Now its down again...I was just looking forward to a friendly exchange of laserfire before dinner....
Nasty Insta is quite good (slightly strange map rotation for insta-rail IMHO), but rarely visited by humans...
Any chance you could change the "socialistisches patientencollektiv" Server to insta-rail?
Greetings and thanks for your efforts!

31/10/2014 10:45:53

It seems the problem persists.
And Cedonime didn't answer me yet, so I send him a 2nd email today.

I confirm I don't have access to this server, and there is no way to fix it from outside.

26/10/2014 02:19:13
dedelight21 a écrit :

maybe Danmoon ?

No it's not me, sorry.

25/10/2014 13:09:37

Hi, indeed I am not admin of that one, but will ring about it to the concerned.

Sorry for only spotting this topic late, I follow the forum with RSS, and it doesn't refresh if there is no "new topic".
Feel free to email me if I don't answer within days. I have left my email contact here and there (notably inside the server infos).

Will post back when I have news.

Le problème n'est pas soluble via rcon ici, mais via SSH.
Posting on gametracker doesn't help, we don't check it. And as you can read there, the server is "unclaimed".
At worse, use email instead.
Merci pour avoir alerté wink

23/10/2014 23:33:50

Hi BlockHead,

I posted a message here: … 4.6:27961/

But I don't know who is the admin of this server (maybe Danmoon ?)

En français, message a l'admin:
Ca serait vraiment sympa si ce serveur pouvait être redémarré.
Ou je sais pas déléguer des commandes RCON si vous êtes trop occupé.

Merci beaucoup.

20/10/2014 20:21:23

Hi Cacatoes!

Rofl Europe Insta Dm is now locked up again...."Awaiting Snapshot" ...The bots are playing among themselves and have a lot
of fun ...

For players, who like the uncluttered gameplay of insta-rail-dm, this seems to be the only usable server.
All the regulars kind of disappeared into thin air....they're not on Nasty Insta, which has usually no players at all.
As it was really fun playing there, it would be nice, if you could restart this server or advise its admin!
Thanks a lot.

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