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08/11/2013 21:00:24

Fine then wink

Graphic quality is both determined by quality of artwork (which is high in Quake Live, some consider much lower in OA), and engine code (where QL one and OA one should be pretty equivalent).

The addition of content can't really cause a performance change.
Between 0.8.1 and 0.8.8, there were indeed changes in the engine code, but they were minor...  still, I was suspecting one of these minor changes could trigger the performance loss.
What I mean is, it is not something impossible to solve if OA team makes the proper debugging, and players give enough feedbacks about them, but it's been 2 years 0.8.8 is out, there has been nothing about this issue (I can't say I've experienced it myself), and it won't likely change.

08/11/2013 15:38:16

Thank you for the fast reply. I think more stuff to load and maybe heavier graphic is to blame.
I was playing quake live and it works like a charm. And graphic there is fabulous. Strange.
Well, thank You Cacatoes, we are in  supeR,NormalCTF 0.81 usually, hope it last, lol

08/11/2013 12:26:36

Hi Diogenes,

It would be possible in practice, although I'm a bit lazy, and if experiencing the problems you mentionned myself, using an older version of openarena wouldn't be the way I'd go to.
But rather, I'd do checks for what is causing the performance issue.

Updates from 0.8.1 to 0.8.5 to 0.8.8 weren't that big in terms of change.
The main thing to be tested is «binaries». That means, you can install full 0.8.8, then just pick up the 0.8.1 file which you use to start the game, no more, and use it with the rest of the 0.8.8 files.
Then you see if it works better...
This issue should be solved on, but I can't help you there.

If you know of enough 0.8.1 players who do due to these problems, it would be interesting to do tests, and get a clue of what is causing the performance drop.

OpenArena even has a tool to make benchmarks running a simple start-up script.

Hope this helps.

08/11/2013 08:36:00


I see you have many servers, all 0.8.8

I wonder if it is posible for you to setup one ctf server for 0.8.1 and one 1vs1 server for 0.8.1.
Many of us play only 0.8.1 as is simple and fast, and many have old computers.
If you do, just make it simple and plain 0.8.1, thank you very much.

If you need me to register here, I will.

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